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The New FUNBOY Red Sports Car Float Will Make You Make You Want To Race Into Summer

Spring is in full swing. However, I’m actually looking ahead to the summer season. More specifically, I can not wait to seize a pool, go with the flow and relax inside the water with a drink at hand. If you’re additionally excited to unwind in the summertime, then you would possibly need to test out the brand new FUNBOY Red Sports Car Float. Between its sleek aesthetic and much-wished features, it’s going to help you race into the season in overall comfort. Sure, it’s not the conventional swan-fashioned inflatable which you understand and love. However, it’ll upload a touch bit of aspect in your poolside hangs.

If you are now not definitely sold at the Red Sports Car Float, permit’s speak approximately it in detail. I’ll begin with its racecar appearance because that’s what makes this inflatable in contrast to every other. As you may see, FUNBOY’s most up-to-date launch is literally shaped like a sports automobile from the ’80s, entire with 4 wheels and a spoiler. It even capabilities a blue-and-white layout atop its crimson “paint activity” as a way to absolutely make it stand out amongst all your other pool floats. Of direction, the name of the automobile (er, I imply, inflatable) is referred to as “Funboy” since it is what’s written in cursive on the drift aspect.

Who’s ready to race?

Now that you recognize what the Red Sports Car Float looks like permit’s talk approximately all of its handy features. First, according to FUNBOY, the car-shaped glide can healthy two human beings, so two cup holders are built into it (one on every aspect of the bed). Therefore, you can call a friend and relax in the water with your favored liquids handy. Speaking of drinks, the throwback drift also features a cooler underneath its inflatable spoiler so that you can stock up to your favorite drinks and seize one each time you need it. (My non-public preferred component about the go with the flow is the headrest, as it appears fantastic comfy — but I digress.)

FUNBOY’s Red Sports Car Float additionally consists of 4 handles for riders (no seat belts, even though) and a tether hook that’ll help maintain the inflatable in a single place. Therefore, whether or not you are floating in the pool or at the lake, you can comfort yourself in at least one area and loosen up within the sun. If I’ve sold you on the Red Sports Car Float, you could head to FUNBOY’s internet site and purchase it there. According to the web page, the inflatable fee $119. However, if you’re making plans to share the glide with a pal, you could constantly break up the fee and pay approximately $60 each. It’ll be a laugh to relax at the water with a pal, anyway.

If you have a couple of buddies that you’re making plans on sharing your pool floats with this summer season, then you definitely might need to check out FUNBOY’s Rainbow Cloud Island Float. Unlike the Red Sports Car Float, the rainbow-themed inflatable can healthy up to 6 adults (!!!). TBH, it’s a truely magical manner to deal with all of your pals at your upcoming pool events. To scan greater FUNBOY floats and inventory up in time for summer, head to the enterprise’s internet site and pick your favorite ones.

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