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Meet the person who receives grew to become on via ladies peeing on him

This is Kinky Characters – a series that explores uncommon fetishes and the folks that like them. Previously, we’ve spoken to John about his love of being carried by using girls with huge watches, had a talk with Bonnie approximately nosebleeds, and requested Ben to tell us why he likes putting metallic rods into his penis.
This week, we’re venturing into watersports, which includes sexual play with urine in fetish circles. The kink is less unusual than you would possibly think; in 2017, watersports (or urolagnia) came in at the ninth area of sexual fetishes in Channel 4’s national Great British Sex survey.

Most humans will probably partner this fetish with golden showers. However, there are different classes too – together with ‘passing (watching someone pee in public) and omorashi, a lifestyle of watersports in which you keep your pee in or moist yourself on purpose. Humiliation can be a part of the situation, but it’s never a requirement. On FetLife, one of the world’s largest fetish groups, you could find a group for watersports that has 25,455 individuals where humans percentage recommendations and hints on the way to get started, in addition to advice on the way to store urine and ‘limit the mess’. Some forums also provide health and protection measures. For instance, the character peeing has to drink water masses in advance and sterilize any device that might be used all through. If it’s your first time, it’s encouraged you do it within the bathe. There’s plenty to watch, too. One popular porn website presents 2,000 consequences, even as another has simply shy of 900 movies – and that’s just for the phrase watersports. Stephen*, fifty-three, has loved urine play for decades.
It’s not his only unusual kink; the daddy-of-3 has also been a swinger for 30 years and desires of one day happening on a lady whilst she’s smoking. So we ask him what he loves approximately watersports, how it works, and if he’s ever under the influence of alcohol, absolutely everyone’s pee.

ladies peeing

Tell us about your fetish.

I like watersports because it’s freeing – you free yourself from all of your inhibitions. I was in my 20s the primary time I tried it. Having heard approximately it and seen others doing it, I determined to provide it a go together with my then lady friend. We went into the bathroom, and I laid down within the bath in a couple of inches of warm water. She stripped off and knelt above me, together with her vagina over my chest, and commenced urinating.
Then she labored her manner down over my penis. Afterward, I take into account feeling so satisfied and as if I had achieved something. It became exquisite. What do you adore most about watersports? I love the whole lot about watersports – rolling round in it, splashing the pee over my frame, and gambling with it. I choose to be peed on rather than peeing on a person (although I will do both). Usually, I’ll do it within the bathtub as the mess is restrained, less difficult to ease up, and there’s less hazard of any injuries happening. My preferred part is while the hot pee drizzles down my erect penis or onto a vagina.

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