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Andrew Koji Talks Cinemax’s New Martial Arts Series WARRIOR

Recently I discussed Cinemax’s Warrior with Andrew Koji, who stars as the primary character Ah Sahm within the display. The collection premieres April 5th on Cinemax; it is primarily based on the writings of Bruce Lee and is formally sanctioned with the aid of Shannon Lee (one of the Executive Producers) and Bruce Lee Enterprises. I remember the fact that you’re from the United Kingdom and are a creator and an actor. How long have you been an actor/author, how did you get started, and have been you working on initiatives inside the US or the UK or a mixture of each earlier than WARRIOR? How has your mixed Japanese and English background stimulated your career as properly?

Koji Talks Cinemax's

It changed into always my ambition and aim to act and make my own movies. I started making movies once I was a teenager and began doing more paintings and small-level jobs. At 18, I moved to Thailand as they were making many movies there, and I turned into schooling in martial arts, so I did a few small jobs there. Then I moved to Japan and ended up running in the front and behind the digital camera for some time before I decided to come back back to London to educate myself as an actor. I trained at a small studio school, the Actors’ Temple in London, and feature through the years, started getting more jobs in theatre and TV. So ways I have not labored within the US. In the UK, I could say my twin historical past has not especially been positive. Opportunities for East Asian actors on time were and nonetheless are quite confined – even though things are changing. How did you first get concerned with WARRIOR, and how did you subsequently get solid because of the lead person Ah Sahm? It became the same old route.

Although at the time, I had just finished a totally tough theatre job and hadn’t finished any TV in some time. I was about to show 30 and was critically thinking about a alternate in my career. My agent and my mom satisfied me to put up a self-tape for the role; shortly after doing that, I was invited to LA and cast with Alexa Fogel, a awesome casting director and now pal. They sought out an actor who can also do some martial arts, and a few of us were beneath attention. I did not suppose it’d pass my manner, but something simply clicked whilst the audition befell. After getting cast as Ah Sahm, how did you prepare for the position? Did you do your very own analysis/exam of Bruce Lee’s writings and paintings? How did you approach a position, performing-clever, that you knew Bruce Lee basically wrote for himself? I, in reality, did not grow up with Bruce Lee as a power, unlike pretty a few of my friends. Both in the run-up to the LA audition and after being solid, I study up, watched, and researched as a whole lot as I ought to about him and want I’d recognized greater approximately him earlier as he is such an icon. While in LA, I had the privilege of assembly his daughter, Shannon Lee, who supplied some treasured insights. My training for the function was quite complete – apart from research into Bruce Lee, it involved nutrients, health, martial arts schooling, and so on.

Acting-wise I can handiest convey my personal overall performance – which is identical for any actor taking up a function already written for or executed via someone else. His announcing, ‘trust in yourself, do not exist and discover a hit character and copy it’s resonated with me, that I needed to make Ah Sahm my personal. The directors and Jonathan Tropper helped me locate the way too. The combating scenes (at the least from the trailer) appear extraordinarily polished and dynamic, and the quantity of schooling you underwent for the role clearly indicates. Can you especially describe the martial arts education you did? Do you’ve got a prior martial arts heritage? Did you furthermore mght comprise any of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concepts or martial arts philosophies? Did you do any studies into Wing Chun or any other forms? Thank you. As a kid, I did quite a several martial arts. I became inquisitive about gymnastics and found out to tumble, do backflips, and many others. I stopped all that by the point I turned into about 20 because I preferred to pay attention to performing and making my own movies. When this role got here alongside, I changed into a moderate suit but totally out of form regarding martial arts.

Obviously, I desired to get as in shape and as skilled as possible a few months earlier than filming. So I made my personal workout/training regime while taking training from professional martial artists in London and guidance from Brett Chan, the stunt coordinator. Training concerned Wing Chun with a high-quality instructor, Jack Kontou, in addition to Shaolin Kung Fu and kickboxing. Without spoiling anything, how could you describe the man or woman of Ah Sahm and his storyline, especially concerning the other characters from the show, which include Young Jun, performed using Jason Tobin; Ah Toy, played with the aid of Olivia Cheng; Father Jun performed via Perry Yun; Li Yong performed by using Joe Taslim; Bill O’Hara played through Kieran Bew and others? Are there any specific individual relationships we ought to pay attention to as the display progresses? All I can say right here is that Ah Sahm, a recent arrival from mainland China, has to find his manner inside the new international of America and San Francisco’s Chinatown inside the 1880s. He has to discover his niche, but it often looks as if it reveals him.

It is likewise a steep gaining knowledge of curves for him. His interactions with the other characters rely on his perceived ‘repute’ – the new kid on the block, first-rate fighter, family member, lover, and many others. As in any correct story, the relationships increase and exchange with occasions over the years. You’ll see how matters twist and turn because the collection continues. But there are different angles, too, together with Bill O’Hara and Dylan Leary’s memories (brilliantly performed with the aid of Kieran Bew and Dean Jagger, respectively), with their personal dynamic and additional measurement interest. What are your thoughts on the show’s writing and the involvement of Jonathan Tropper because the creator? Was there a vision for Warrior that the whole solid and group meant to convey earlier than and throughout taking pictures? I’ve were given to realize Jonathan over the direction of the 12 months, and in my opinion, he’s an outstanding man or woman. He is the proper character to be working in this collection as, pretty other than his innovative talent, he has long been a critical admirer of Bruce Lee and his achievements.

He is likewise a brilliant collaborator, and earlier than filming, he shared his imagination and prescient and ardor for the collection with all of us. Can you describe the method of working with Justin Lin? What episodes did he direct? Did he also have a universal vision for WARRIOR as Executive Producer, and did he share showrunning responsibilities with Jonathan? Also, other listed administrators consist of Kevin Tancharoen and Lin Oeding; what changed into operating with them? Justin Lin continues his finger on the pulse of most factors of Warrior. I even have observed him genuinely supportive and encouraging, and I’m happy to be operating with him at the display. Changing directors for special episodes can sometimes be tough for the cast as you have to fast modify to a distinct power and distinct ways of running. However, most of us, in reality, experiences that challenge and appreciate how it spices matters up for the benefit of the display as an entire. What do you suspect makes WARRIOR precise, tale-telling clever, appearing-sensible, movement-clever, as compared to what has been carried out earlier than?

Also, what are your feelings related to being capable of carrying to life something that Bruce Lee wrote and having Shannon Lee and BLE (Bruce Lee Enterprises) formally worried and onboard? I do think Warrior has a unique blend of factors. The action scenes are stylized, brutal, and visceral in places but all various, excessive power, and amusing to shoot. We wanted to preserve the fight scenes raw and down to earth without a twine work. The set of San Francisco’s Chinatown at the end of the 19th century is extremely sensible, and historical statistics and attitudes are there in extensive brushstrokes as well as some finer detail – but obviously, there is lots of poetic license and creativity around that. The collection is based totally on Bruce Lee’s thoughts – he didn’t go away with a complete script.

We all experience the privileged to be operating on it, and all and sundry desires to do justice to his legacy. We understand we might not please everybody, but we experience we’ve got achieved him proud, and Shannon Lee is with us all the manner. What are you running on next? Are you currently taking pictures of the next season of WARRIOR as properly? Did Cinemax pre-order multiple seasons, or were they inspired with the primary season to the point of inexperienced-lighting fixtures extra episodes? Do you have any non-WARRIOR associated tasks inside the pipeline? After the season ended, I did a few TV paintings in Canada and the United Kingdom. I want to hold stretching myself as an actor and do things outdoor the movement style. I’m working on something right now, which I’m not allowed to disclose, but!

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