What is the equation to make an everyday avenue-going hatchback into a warm hatch? More strength, test. Quick shifting gearbox, check, Stiffer suspension, test. Or perhaps throw in some more bits like sportier dealing with, comments-rich guidance and a few greater energy. But what if we add an engine switch to the equation. That too, at the rear. The drivetrain also is made rear wheel pressure. The first-rate component, it is made by using the manufacturer itself and for this reason is completely prison. Meet the Volkswagen Polo RX, a rear-engined, 2 hundred Bhp plus, rear wheel power hatchback out of your desires. The high-quality component is that it’ll be made available on the market, even though no pricing has been set yet. However, rest confident that it’ll cost a hell lot greater than your common hatchback.

It is made through Volkswagen Motorsport India and labeled as their ‘Winter Project’, the Polo RX is one warm hatch that can be whipped out on the music with none mercy. It is a unique music model and does not comply with any racing rule and regulation especially. Moreover, the Volkswagen Polo RX is built as a one-off version for now but may also be bought to lovers who want music focused hot hatch. The car remains in its initial stages of testing and the organization says it could be adapted to policies to fit numerous forms of motorsport along with autocross, circuit racing or rallying.

Among the diverse modifications and changes carried out on the car, the highlight is its engine. It is a 1.Eight-litre rapid-petrol unit picked from the engine bay of the Ameo Cup race car. As already mentioned, it’s far mounted on the back and drives its rear wheels thru a 6-pace sequential gearbox. The engine churns out a huge power of 205 hp along with 320 Nm of torque. No doubt then that it would be many of the quickest hatchback across the race tune. To put matters into perspective, The most powerful hatchback under Rs. 10 lakh section, the Fiat Punto Abarth, produces a hundred forty five Bhp of energy and 212 Nm of electricity. The Rs. 20 lakh really worth Polo GTi, alternatively, produces 189 Bhp of energy and 250 Nm of torque.

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