The concept is easy, right? A golf club with fast jets in the back of it ought to be quite a few a laugh. In theory, sure. But inside the real global, that idea is far extra tough to put into play. But that’s what Mark Rober is here for.
Rober is a hit content writer on YouTube, with greater than six million fans. He’s a former NASA engineer who makes a specialty of busting myths and the usage of diverse engineering tricks to prove the wacky hypothesis. In this example, he wanted to peer what a rocket-powered golf membership may want to do.
Rober units out on a sequence of trial and errors, operating to mount a rocket-powered membership in a role to spoil a golf ball a sincerely lengthy manner. In a quest that subsequently reached a 150-mph swing, he found out the rig desires some matters:
1. A standard-shafted club could not do the trick. His group had to make stronger it with steel and generous epoxy.
2. A preferred clubhead turned into not huge enough to maintain the rockets. A rocket plate needed to be affixed to the membership head.

3. A ball that could be driven into region ONLY as soon as the golf membership reached maximum speed.
4. A golf club that was lengthy sufficient, such that it wouldn’t get away the mount when twirled at excessive speeds.
Sounds easy sufficient. Rober pieced together lots of slo-mo photos that you may watch beneath. The most effective tragedy on this was they couldn’t find the golf balls that were hit! Rober’s simple explanation of “I can hit it 280, and these went ways beyond that,” doesn’t pretty reduce it for the golf crowd. Either manner, experience the laughing video.

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