Bert Trautmann: From unlikely football hero to movie celebrity

BremNow the movie The Keeper tells his tale. Bert Trautmann turned into born in Germany; however, he went directly to have one of the least probably careers in British soccer. En’s former prisoner of war has become one of the maximum acclaimed British goalkeepers of his generation, gambling ultimately for Manchester City.
David Kross is 28. As a youngster in Germany, his first big movie was Knallhart (aka Tough Enough). Then in 2008, his role in The Reader, contrary Kate Winslet, added worldwide fame. But as an infant, he simply desired to become a professional soccer player. “I constantly loved the game,” he says. “From 5 years antique till I changed into 15, I turned into definitely sure I’d be a footballer. It turned into the identical with a maximum of my buddies; however, it did not work out for me. So I have become an actor.” In The Keeper, he is referred to as upon to revive his abilities on the pitch. It’s the proper story of Bernd Trautmann, born in 1923, who became in the German forces in World War Two. In 1944 Trautmann was captured by British troops and, in the long run, sent to a prisoner of the battle camp close to Wigan.

His talent as a goalkeeper registered, and he ended up playing for nearby facet St Helens Town within the antique Lancashire Combination League. In 1949 he moved to Manchester City as an expert and stayed until 1964, turning out for the membership more than 500 instances. He died in 2013. The movie is a German-British co-manufacturing, and in Germany, it’s genuinely known as Trautmann. But director Marcus Rosenmüller admits that few Germans under 65 might recognize who the primary person is. “But it is now not huge trouble because the story definitely has to work as a love tale and an own family drama. It’s no longer only a sports bio-%, even though, of course, the football scenes must be convincing.” A lot of the hard paintings of giving the tale emotional depth rests with Freya Mavor, who made her call gambling Mini McGuinness within the very last seasons of Skins on E4. She performs Trautmann’s first spouse Margaret.

Mavor can not claim to compete along with her to celebrity’s ardor for football but says: “I’ve lived pretty a lot in France, so while France received the World Cup ultimate summer, I did pass a bit. Mad.” From 9 to 13, Mavor lived in La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic coast; at 19, she moved to Paris. Her fluency within the language means she’s been in several French films. “I’ve continually cherished French cinema, and I become enthusiastic about no longer sounding like a vacationer. So it’s superb to be customary as an honorary French individual in the film.” But became it hard to supply a resounding accessory for submit-warfare commercial Lancashire? “The big take a look at turned into to sound genuine for humans in St Helens and Manchester now,” Mavor says. “But I also wanted to understand the society which Margaret came from traditionally. There’s a fascinating book by way of Norman Longmate referred to as How We Lived Then. It becomes a huge help in knowing what the warfare become like for most of the people.”


At this point, Kross confesses that, though a whole lot of the movie is about there, he by no means absolutely went to St Helen’s. “A lot of The Keeper became filmed in Northern Ireland, and our soccer ground changed into in Belfast. But that’s how movies work. Later, when you see me at Wembley with Man City, it is especially CGI: we had been actually filming at Augsburg in Bavaria.” In the 1956 FA Cup final at Wembley, whilst Manchester City has been playing Birmingham, Trautmann broke vertebrae in his neck. Despite being in a fog of pain, Trautmann played directly to the stop of the in shape, securing his aspect’s victory. It became only later he realized how extreme his accidents have been. The movie starts offevolved with a quick but powerful segment in which we see Trautmann combating in World War Two. Kross says those scenes have been vital. “We ought to understand the instances he grew up in and the criminal regime which dominated Germany. Bert changed into a part of the Hitler Youth, and he went through a kind of brainwashing. “He certainly desired to be a soldier. But there are interviews Bert did close to the cease of his lifestyles in which he talks approximately seeing civilians shot in Ukraine and how that changed him.”

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