The Lion Forest Garden in Suzhou, China is a protracted way from Kentucky, but it served as idea for The Swimming Pool Studio’s design of a KFC not far from the well-known gardens. The three,250-rectangular-foot franchise utilizes conventional factors of the gardens, including round portals and gray brick and black tile in crisp alleviation towards white partitions. “Entering the eating place,” says lead architect Jeremy Li, “is like establishing a multi-treasure pavilion, meeting with marvel constantly.”

A crimson the front door is the primary marvel, followed by using classical touches of purple now not simplest on placing lanterns, however also in piping across chair upholstery. A circular portal organizes the dining area, with high-top chairs and tables clustered on either facet.

“We anticipate to provide humans with a soft vision and rest,” Li says. “Even if they are residing downtown, they can also have the a laugh of nature.” And simply in case they neglect how lots a laugh those gardens may be, ground-to-ceiling windows preserve the outside in clear view.

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