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Stickman Skater Battle APK Game Review

Stickman Skate Battle is one of the most exciting apps on the market for free. The free version gives you the ability to battle other stick figure skateboarders online, as well as the ability to design your own custom-made skateboard. You can even download new graphics and backgrounds for your stick figure to add to your skateboard. The best part is that this is completely free to download. The developers continually add new features, such as new weapons and game levels, which keep the game fresh and exciting.

Stickman Skater Battle

With a new app like Stickman Skate Battle, it is important to compare the two different versions. I’m not going to compare the features because every app is different. However, I will compare the two in terms of the user interface. The free version is pretty basic when it comes to the interface, which could be considered unsatisfactory. There is no flash, there are no cool sounds, and overall it lacks the visual appeal of the paid version. This is a minor gripe, but it does take away from the overall excitement of the game.

The main feature of the paid version, Stickman Skate Battle, is the ability to create your own custom-made stick figure. Unfortunately, this is where the similarities end. You can only design three different characters on the free version, whereas the paid version allows up to nine characters to be created. Thus, there are a total of 44 different characters to choose from. These include all the main characters from the stick figure genre, including Doctor Who and Superman.

The first thing players see in Stickman Skater Battle is the game board. This is a fairly large board with two colors: red and blue, and four different sides. On each side, there are different gears to spin, which makes the game slightly more exciting. In addition to this, there are also platforms to jump on and bombs to drop down on top of. These features tend to make the game less chaotic, but they can also be frustrating. After a few minutes of this, players may find themselves not wanting to play the game, as the features begin to take away the joy from experience.

However, all of these pluses do not outweigh the negative points of Stickman Skater Battle APK. For one, many of the features in the paid versions of the game require a monthly fee. This includes a membership fee, which will give access to features like the new level editor, which allows players to create different levels based on how they want them to be completed. There is also a leader board that players can challenge their friends to beat and a ranking system that players must work their way through to reach the top of the leader board.

Despite its negative reviews, Stickman Skater Battle APK is still a highly entertaining and enjoyable game for people of any age. The graphics in the game look quite good, and the physics engine allows the skaters to skate over the tracks they are placed on with a great deal of grace. The fact that there are so many levels to master is another huge plus since this version of the game is much harder than the other versions of Stickman Skater that have been released. If you love roller-coaster games, you will love playing Stickman Skater Battle APK!

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