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Mother feeds video games addict, thirteen, after playing for forty eight hours

A mom goes to an Internet cafe and hand-feeds her thirteen-yr-vintage son because he refuses to end his 48-hour gaming binge to consume. A viral video of the Filipino mom and her son has all over again reignited the controversy on children’s video game addiction. 37-12 months-antique Lilybeth Marvel first observed something wrong with her son Carlito about years in the past. At the same time, he started out staying up late at an Internet cafe close to the circle of relatives domestic in Nueva Ecija, the Philippines. Things were given steadily worse as time went by way of, to the factor in which the thirteen-12 months-antique now spends days on give up along with his eyes glued to a display gambling his favored ‘struggle royale’ video game, Rules of Survival. Last week, Mrs. Marvel was filmed turning in her son’s breakfast to the Internet cafe and hand feeding him while he endured playing because he has been there for over 48 hours.

“My poor child… right here, eat now,” the concerned mother can be heard telling the boy. “You have a lot of cash; it might take until the next day, which will get domestic. Do you still want to pee? My goodness, simply experience sorry for my infant. You are so demanding.” The money she is regarding is the stack of cash in front of Carlito, which he most possibly uses to fund his addiction at the Internet cafe. It’s doubtful whether his parents gave him the cash or if he received it with the aid of another way.

Mother feeds
Throughout the 3-minute video, the 13-year-old slightly acknowledges his mother’s presence. He keeps his eyes on the display as he chews the food the female puts into his mouth. he tries to take the coins at one factor, but he turns agitated and grabs her hand, not letting go till she puts the cash back on the table. The video has sparked a debate on online game dependancy among children and the mom’s coping with the scenario. While some social media customers felt sorry for the woman, maximum blamed her for permitting her son’s addiction via hand-feeding him simultaneously as he continued playing, in preference to simply dragging him home.

After the photos went viral, the mother took to the Internet to explain that she and her husband had attempted a tough method at the start, by banning Carlito from going to the Internet cafe. That didn’t work out in addition to what they had hoped because the thirteen-12 months-antique usually located methods to sneak out, so now they’re trying to do matters differently. They have pulled Carlito out of the faculty because he had begun skipping lessons to play video games. They seek recognition for handling his dependancy but admit that it’s miles difficult and feature pleaded online for help.

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