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A Gaming mouse is a desktop mouse with some additional functions to make it suited to computer gaming and high-intensity programming. Gaming a mouse with side buttons helps tamers play with more enthusiasm and gives you more features to enjoy your gaming. There has been criticism around gaming for children, but many studies suggest that playing domestic video games improves visual attention and spatial-motor skills. A gaming mouse will be more precise- Offering better tracking and control to standard optical mice.

To find the right gaming mouse amid all the available options, frankly, can be a struggle. The gaming mouse is built to be more precise and accurate, which is important in many fast-paced games. You can consider many factors, such as how it looks, how much it cost, how it feels in hands, the button selection, and the arrangements. Most importantly, its sensor quality and also your choice of using the wired or wireless mouse.

The details may be minor to you, but you will be amazed when using the suggested mouse for gaming. However, your taste leans; you almost certainly need the best gaming mouse your budget allows. We are going to make this decision easy for you. Here are the options for Gaming Mouse with side buttons.

Gaming Mouse

1. Redimp

Redimp is a wired gaming mouse, and it is available with six solid side buttons. It has LED backlights for PS4 PCs and Laptops. The product is available in black in the market. So if you are having a thought of how much does it costs, don’t worry. It is inexpensively available in the market.

It has an Ergonomic Design that naturally fits in your hand and always feels good underhand after extended gaming or work sessions. The six side buttons are designed as a right button, left button, DPI button, quiet scroll button, forward and backward button. You can Plug and Play. There is no additional software or firmware is required. The mouse will work both for Windows or Mac OS computers.


  • 6 side buttons available for easier control.
  • USB wired gaming mouse.
  • Comfortable hand feeling.
  • 4 adjust adjustable available.
  • USB optical gaming mouse for PS4 PC Computer Laptop Chromebook Games & Work.

2. Uhuru

Uhuru gives you the wireless gaming mouse with 7 programmable side buttons. It has the right button, left button, scroll button, forward button, backward button, DPI+, and DPI- buttons. The gaming mouse wireless comes with a 2.4GHz USB Nano receiver and 63 inches charging cable. You switch to the wired mode from wireless mode if you want. UHURU’s easy-to-program driver can program the rechargeable gaming mouse, including programable buttons, dpi, RGB backlights, and macros.

The wireless gaming mouse is designed with a thumb rest to help with ergonomics design and create a more convenient user experience. You can grip the gaming mouse firmly to aim accurately/shoot/click, and you get pretty easy to access to the thumb buttons when using the provided thumb rest as well. The cost of this type of wireless gaming mouse is not much; it’s affordable and not very costly.


  • Wireless and wired gaming mouse. It’s a dual-mode gaming mouse.
  • It has an adjustable DPI.
  • Customized RGB backlight.
  • Ergonomics design with thumb rest.
  • It has high-precision sensors.
  • Available with 7 side buttons.


Afunta is providing you with a 12 programmable side button. It is a zeolite programmable side button. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8,8.1, 10, Vista, and macOS and is a USB wired gaming mouse. It contains pulsing light in 6 color modes and 12 MMO. The cost price of this gaming product is affordable; its market price is 26 $.

It supports 1000-1500-2000-4000 4 levels DPI switch; you can choose the DPI level as you please. It supports double-speed adjustment; the highest mouse movement speeds up to 8000DPI. Ergonomic design, internally and externally, to create the ultimate game concept. A triple fire click is given; it helps you be faster than the other game players. You can plug this gaming mouse into your PlayStation 4 to enjoy more of its feature.


  • It has a durable Teflon feet pad.
  • Contoured body for gaming control.
  • 12 side buttons in this gaming mouse.
  • Supports 4 level DPI.
  • It has a quick thumb function.
  • The triple fire click button is given on the right side of the mouse.
  • USB connector.

4. Redragon

The Redragon gaming mouse is available as a wireless mouse. This wireless gaming mouse comes with DPI shifting and 2 side buttons. The problem is only with macOS, as the back and forward buttons are not available for it. Because the system itself is not open to the public, but the other function can be used normally.

The Redragon wireless gaming mouse is an important computer accessory for die-hard gamers! If you are worried about how much the cost would be, don’t worry, it’s not expensive. You can afford this gaming mouse. This wireless mouse will be in sleep mode in 8 minutes of inactivity and wake up quickly by pressing any button. In addition, it has passed 10 million times the keystroke test to guarantee extra durability.


  • Strong Compatibility.
  • Compatible with any version of Windows.
  • It does not have 2 side buttons for macOS.
  • It has 5 adjustable DPIs.
  • It gives you comfort and precision for your fingers.
  • Advanced wireless technology.
  • Long Life Span and Power saving capacity.

Gaming Mouse


By the end, I can easily and cheerfully recommend you any of these mice. I would suggest to you and the gaming community these above-mentioned gaming mice with side buttons. You can undoubtedly spend your money on this mentioned best gaming mouse with side buttons. I hope you can now a brand new Gaming mouse with 12 side buttons or with 4 side buttons at an affordable cost. The peripheral differs from user to user, and the good stuff can really make the difference. That’s all with my words; now you can suggest the same to someone else.

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