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Murlok io: Know All About Murlok io

Murlok io services

You may have seen, functions like an app and not like a website. Indeed, it’s an advanced web app, that you can install on a device from a web browser that supports the Murlok IO features, and can easily run in its window.

If you are a PvP and/or PvE player then is what you need. It will help you build optimized characters for 2v2, Solo Shuffle, and 3v3. et. for World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.5.

So, let’s now learn more about in this article below before you install this web app.

Murlok io: Know All About Murlok io 1 is an advanced web app that provides the World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.5 players with guides regarding how to create optimized characters for 2v2, Solo Shuffle, Rated Battleground, Mythic+, and 3v3.‘s front end is registered with the Golang (Go Programming Language). Yes, that is right, there isn’t any React or JavasScript involved in the front end!

The user interface of is made with an open-source tool named go-app as well as is designed with vanilla Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Like the front end,‘s back end is written in Golang (Go Programming Language). It’s divided into three parts:

  1. An API (Application Programming Interface) that delivers whatever your interface requires
  2. A crawler that generally fetches as well as processes World of Warcraft character data and leaderboards daily
  3. The go-app implements the advanced web app needs

Available on Google Cloud, it’s placed in Cloud Run, and utilizes Firestore NoSQL database, as well as all, running successfully behind Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network). For World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.5 guides users on how to create optimized characters and these are Updated regularly. The PvE and PvP guides are depending on the 50 top-rated involved players for specialization and each class. So, here are the characters of that you will get when you search for a keyword or domain. provide accurate, easy access, and high-quality information on how to build characters for World of Warcraft. Supporting this app will assist with its maintenance and development.

Q. What are the membership levels provides?

A. provides users with WoW guides. It has The Dragon Rider membership level at a $3/month basis. Where you can enjoy

  • Full Top Ratings- You can unlock all characters
  • Ad-Free- Remove all ads
  • Discord Privileges- Unlock Discord voice channel and Patreon channel creation.

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