Egan Orion, the Guy Who Saved PrideFest, Is Running for City Council in District three

The first element that’s going to happen right out the gate is I’m going to be known as a corporate shill,” says Egan Orion over a cup of coffee at Vivace on Broadway. If you take a look at his resume, it’s now not tricky to bet why. Orion directs the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Broadway Business Improvement Area, which organize small groups at the Hill to do stuff on behalf of the community (mainly on small organizations). He additionally runs a manufacturing corporation known as One Degree Events, which, other than producing flash mobs, now presents the PrideFest parades on Capitol Hill and on the Seattle Center. He voted for Mayor Jenny Durkan in the trendy and within the primary. And aside from his sadness in incumbent Kshama Sawant’s leadership over the past six years, the primary driver of Orion’s candidacy became the early go out of Beto Yarce, who pretty much ran as chamber bait.

Why He’s Running

After Yarce dropped out on Valentine’s Day and “broke the collective hearts around Seattle,” according to Orion, Orion stated he waited around for a suitable challenger to enter the race. But, unfortunately, that challenger did now not emerge. “Then I realized, ‘Why am I waiting for a person to leap in? Why don’t I jump in?” he said.
Of direction, Orion isn’t entering an empty field. Hashtag Cannabis owner Logan Bowers, public defender Ami Nguyen, and three other human beings are also walking in opposition to Sawant. When I started those contenders, Orion said they were all “perfect” but would not say more. “If Kshama becomes an effective chief in council for this district, there’s now not a compelling cause for me to run. I like the work I do currently,” he added.

Orion is mainly mad at Sawant for no longer paying attention to him and the people/agencies he knows. When he came on board as director of the Broadway BIA, as an instance, Orion said he asked Sawant to assist reinstate the homelessness outreach employees, whose jobs had been reducing using the town. The outreach people, who’re now back at work as of Monday, broaden relationships with unsheltered human beings on Broadway and function as a factor of touch for groups who need to connect a person in disaster to offerings in place of the police officers. “She would in no way take an assembly with me. So I listen to that story over and over once more,” he stated. “I went to offer public testimony on a Monday, and they weren’t even at the dais the day that I went.


There changed into no way for me to attain her.” He added that Sawant refused to engage with low-cost housing groups within the district, but he would not say which of them because he didn’t know what became advised to him in self-assurance. He additionally said that constituent services “have been not a focus” of what Sawant does in preferred, claiming that “a person on the council said that [Councilmember] Lisa Herbold was picking up that task for District 3.” He doesn’t consider who said that to him specifically.

Herbold did no longer reply to a request for remark.

When asked if Sawant remembers rebuffing Orion on the difficulty of homelessness outreach people, Ted Virdone, policy analyst in Sawant’s office, stated he “spoke at duration with the Chamber of Commerce consultant during the budget discussions closing 12 months” but didn’t suppose “a corporation just like the Chamber, which represents the hobbies of huge commercial enterprise, and which fiercely campaigned against the Amazon Tax and other investment for low priced housing and homeless services, need to be given public money.” “The Chamber can simply come up with the money for to fund its own tasks,” Virdone brought.
There’s no formal dating between the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. However, the neighborhood chamber is “greater about doing huge activities on Capitol Hill with a purpose to carry humans from other communities to Capitol Hill,” says Orion.

But in case you suppose all meaning Orion is a shill, Orion wants you to understand that he is succeeded in the enterprise at the brilliant personal economic threat to himself, and, he claims, he is not exactly raking inside the dough. “If I were targeted on being profitable, I chose the incorrect career path,” he said. “I do not think of myself as a ‘commercial enterprise individual,'” Orion added. “I think my paintings with the Chamber and the BIA are about creating colorful groups, and business is part of that. I’ve been doing the delight festival for thirteen years. That’s in particular about community and fairness, And that’s often approximately highlighting the testimonies of queer humans regionally and nationally.” As evidence for his capacity effectiveness on the council, Orion factors to his potential to accomplish “not possible” obligations in business with the help of the network. Back in 2007, he placed his personal cash on the road and took over PrideFest six weeks before the first cross-pass dancer stepped into his cage. He did so even though he’d in no way produced a festival earlier than. “I simply stated, ‘Why no longer, fuck it. Let’s try this. We’ll parent out a way,'” he stated. And he did figure out a manner. Just like he figured out a way two years in the past, while he took over Capitol Hill PrideFest after the city pulled the previous manufacturers allow eleven days before it came about.

Producing a successful Pride parade in six weeks simultaneously as enduring a gaggle of the drama takes a few did. Producing a hit Pride parade in 11 days also takes a few did. Running a successful event-promoting organization also takes some doing. (Producing an alarmingly dull Tedx Talk about falling into the enterprise of organizing flash mobs, but does not take plenty doing, as Orion definitely demonstrates.) Orion additionally seems very cool, calm and gathered. He’s amiable. He comes off like a clever surfer, and he sits properly in his obvious germophobia. (Orion scrubbed his palms with sanitizer and drank an immunity booster throughout our dialogue. I might be incorrect. However, my information turned into he had some interviews scheduled the day gone by and might be shaking numerous arms. Sure, we appear to be past flu season. But you can by no means be too cautious, lots of people are ill proper now, and I admire the foresight.) But to be an awesome candidate for the city council, you need to have a few new thoughts. Orion has some. But some of them are very terrible.

On homelessness

He wants to construct greater shelters, he wants to build greater permanent supportive housing, and he also wants to work with neighborhood software companies to expand “for loss of a better period—a tracking system.” He compared this feasible tracking gadget to the intake technique at hospitals, a database listing all of the problems a given homeless man or woman is probably managing, which includes financial crises and problems with dependancy or mental fitness. Update, nine:49 a.M. The federal government already has a database designed to track people having access to homelessness providers. He additionally wants to “preserve nonprofit carrier vendors accountable” with “metrics.” To pay for all that, Orion says he is looking at instituting a modern business-and-occupation tax in Seattle “so that small businesses are not hit difficult by that; however, you may capture extra cash from the big agencies.”

Orion turned into opposition to the pinnacle tax because of the “concept the system didn’t bring all the stakeholders to the table.” Like every candidate who says they “need to carry all of the stakeholders to the table,” Orion has no idea what he’d call for of Amazon if they confirmed as much as “the table.” Still, he does suppose council members can motivate one of all the biggest companies inside the globe by dangling the prospect of “a huge PR win” in front of them. That stated, Orion does assume “organizations are going to should pay their honest proportion so that it will resolve this crisis,” he simply thinks “there’s a better manner of going about the communication.” To flesh out a number of the one’s ideas, Orion advised journeying to towns that have had a few successes in fighting homelessness, consisting of “Atlanta, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Eugene, Oregon.” However, he admits their issues won’t precisely be similar to our problems.

For steerage, Orion will flip to former period in-between mayor Tim Burgess, who Orion says he talks to frequently. He’ll also depend upon relationships he has with people at the metropolis’s Navigation Team, homelessness outreach workers that had been a part of the Metropolitan Improvement District, a part of the Downtown Seattle Association, and additionally employees at REACH.

On housing

Orion says that current zoning, which marks seventy-five percent of the town for single-own family houses, “goes to have to trade over time.” He stated he might have voted for the recent upzoning package deal, which allowed for taller homes in a few “urban villages” and best affected 6 percentage of unmarried-own family masses.
He also desires to find out what number of assets owners are sitting on empty apartments and resort rooms, mentioning a few flats above the Comet, which have been closed since the 1970s, plus resorts with small rooms inside the International District. “How can we incentivize assets owners to open up those areas?” He asks.

On assisting small corporations

Orion’s frustrated with vacant storefronts and says he is looking at a vacancy tax recently passed in San Francisco, in which belongings owners have to pay a tax on storefronts left empty after six months. “I would alternatively have the carrot than the stick,” he stated, “But I don’t want empty storefronts due to the fact they invent lifeless zones in neighborhoods and have an effect on small businesses around them.” He also wants to overview applications the town has developed for helping human beings of color begin small groups. “Talking to the oldsters in the Central District who have lately started small companies, the packages aren’t operating the manner they’re supposed to,” he said.

On criminal justice

Orion isn’t certain how to deal with the slight growth in photographs-fired incidents inside the CD and stated he’d have to “sit down with the police” to figure out if it’s a blip or part of a larger narrative crime. However, he likes the LEAD application, which redirects humans to services in preference to jail, and he does no longer just like the Youth Jail.

On Democracy Vouchers

He’s using the program, and he desires to see Sawant pledge to take less than 10 percent of the budget from out of doors the nation for her marketing campaign because she is not the use of the program. In her final race, the maximum of Sawant’s contributions (forty percentage) came from outside Seattle. But, as I said, returned in January, seventy-two more donors inner Seattle supported Sawant over her challenger, Pamela Banks. So, in all, though the Chamber didn’t ask him to run, it seems like they have got their candidate in Orion.

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